Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Manymoon and Mil Mujeres

Company Overview

Manymoon is a social productivity application that solves the information overload problem by making it simple to organize tasks, events, documents, links and projects with co-workers, customers and partners.  With Manymoon you can quickly create a project, invite people and start sharing Google Docs, tasks, events and links.

Mil Mujeres provides holistic legal services to low-income Spanish-speaking domestic violence survivors in the areas of immigration and family law. Mil Mujeres is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded to address the growing need for bilingual legal services to serve the Washington DC area’s Spanish-speaking survivors of domestic violence.  

Mil Mujeres utilizes staff volunteers that are located throughout the country.  As a result they were using email to coordinate everything from tasks to document reviews and projects.  A large amount of time was spent searching for email attachments and important information.  It was especially difficult for the Washington DC staff to work with staff in California since there was no shared repository to track work items.

Mil Mujeres currently has 11 people using Google Apps for Education (available to registered non-profits).  They use Gmail across the organization for communication between staff and clients.  Google Docs is used as a filing system which is especially useful for Mil Mujeres' distributed staff.  Google Calendar is used for scheduling staff and client meetings.  Mil Mujeres is now using Manymoon to coordinate all office work.  This includes administrative tasks, such as filing taxes and corporate paperwork, as well as keeping track of client work.  Using Manymoon, staff can now add Google Docs to tasks and projects and track status towards completion.  The staff also uses Manymoon to add important tasks to their Google Calendar.

Mil Mujeres has saved thousands of dollars a month on office space by allowing their distributed staff of volunteers to collaborate on projects no matter where they are located.  Manymoon and Google Apps also make it simple to bring new staff volunteers on-board and allows them to quickly contribute.

"Being able to share websites, documents and calendars has made it incredibly easy to stay organized and increase transparency between staff.  Mil Mujeres will be using Manymoon as we expand and add more volunteer staff." - Keli Lovejoy, Mil Mujeres