Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Manymoon and Six Magazine

Company Overview

Manymoon is a social productivity application that solves the information overload problem by making it simple to organize tasks, events, documents, links and projects with co-workers, customers and partners.  With Manymoon you can quickly create a project, invite people and start sharing Google Docs, tasks, events and links.

Six Magazine is a magazine operated and written by Sixth Formers for a school in the United Kingdom.  Six Magazine currently has a staff of 30 using Google Apps and is expanding to serve additional schools in the area.


Before Six Magazine used Google Apps and Manymoon, article submission and editing was slow, and could only be done by one person. Further, Six Magazine could not easily delegate tasks as the email system was patchy if at all used.
Six Magazine's 30 people are now using Gmail to consolidate messaging and contacts.  Communication between writers and editors has increased and become more efficient since everyone is now on the same email platform. Manymoon is used to submitting articles that are Google Docs as well as uploaded documents.  Articles are attached to tasks and sent to multiple people for review.  Six Magazine editors can group these articles and tasks into projects to organize the process of creating a magazine run.  The staff also uses Manymoon to automatically convert their Gmail emails to tasks.  This is useful to capture information floating in email and associate it with articles.
Now that Six Magazine uses Manymoon, they have been able to expand their editing team since it is easier to get people up to speed. Use of Gmail has expanded through the simple integration with Manymoon. "We have also shortened our workflow from about 2 weeks, from receiving the first article, down to less than one week." - Hugh Wren, Six Magazine