Thursday, May 21, 2009

LTech and Huffington Post

Company Overview
LTech is a leading cloud technology integrator and search solutions provider established in 2001. As an early Google Enterprise Partner, LTech has successfully completed dozens of Google Apps deployments and Google Search Appliance configurations.

The Huffington Post is a popular online news site and weblog featuring daily columns, news commentary, and public opinons. The site was launched in 2005 and has over 45 million readers today.

After a detailed analysis of the available options for a corporate email solution, Huffington Post decided to move their entire corporate user base from Noteworthy to Google Apps Premium Edition, a more suitable service for their needs. 

During their attempt to perform an in-house migration to Google Apps, the IT team experienced several obstacles that impeded the process. They also found there was a strong need to support executives' mobile devices with the new solution. They reached out to LTech for its expertise in Google Apps set up, configuration, and migration.

With the specialized knowledge and expertise in Google Apps solutions, LTech completed the Google Premium Apps set up (50 users), personalization, and migration from Noteworthy solution.

To accomplish this a test mailbox was initially set up to run a proof test. The strategy behind this was to collect all usernames, schedule a migration time, change all passwords on the dovecot server to a single item, run tests for pop users, run the bulk IMAP migration and change over the DNS. 

For executives, LTech also helped The Huffington Post leverage Google Sync for Blackberry. Part of this process required assisting in the change management aspects associated with a different way of collaborating on mobile devices using IMAP for email via Blackberry Internet Services and Google Sync for Blackberry for contacts and calendar.

LTech successfully completed the migration in less than four days, providing The Huffington Post with a robust and cost effective email solution. The client was extremely pleased with LTech's work, as well as Google Apps Premium Edition.  

“You guys did a super job for us. LTech's people are creative, bright, knowledgeable and extremely helpful. They are a delight to work with. I would recommend you to anyone looking for a Google Technology partner.”-  Paul Berry, Chief Technology Officer, Huffington Post.