Monday, March 23, 2009

Sheepdog Inc. and Pictou Mutual

Inc. is a technology solution provider that ensures business productivity. Through its ability to advise a wide array of clients on information technology (IT) and connectivity issues, SheepDog Inc. is known for helping organizations to better integrate and manage their electronic information systems.

SheepDog Inc. recently partnered with Pictou Mutual, a locally owned and operated insurance company in Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Pictou Mutual hired Sheepdog Inc. to provide email, file sharing and communication solutions via Google Apps.


With a small staff, Pictou Mutual was wary of a large investment in its technology needs, yet secure, reliable email and improved communication among its staff and independent agents were must haves. The need to share files and remote access were also top priorities. Their existing POP3 mail server infrastructure was unreliable and indequate; however, Pictou Mutual did not have the resources to upgrade it.


Sheepdog supported Pictou Mutual through the transition to Google Apps. Sheepdog customized Google Apps to meet Pictou's requirements, and provided training services to enable their users to get the most out of Google Apps. Sheepdog also created a custom application (a comprehensive insurance policy management system) built on the Google App Engine.


Since Sheepdog Inc. provided Pictou Mutual with Google Apps , its focus has been on growth, adding five new staff and a second location. With a connected staff and reliable electronic communications system, both collaboration and service provision have improved.

“Because of Google Apps, we are better organized, more efficient, and technology is no longer an issue. In fact, implementing Google Apps has proven to be a huge catalyst for growth,” says Phillip Robichaud, Branch Manager.

Mr. Robichaud added, “Sheepdog is the most effective consulting firm I have ever worked with. We highly recommend the team to anyone looking to integrate Google Apps into their business. They will handle everything start to finish.”