Monday, March 23, 2009

Sheepdog Inc. and Paq'Tnkek First Nation

SheepDog Inc. is a technology solution provider that ensures business productivity. Through its ability to advise a wide array of clients on information technology (IT) and connectivity issues, SheepDog Inc. is known for helping groups to better integrate and manage their electronic information systems.

SheepDog Inc. recently partnered with Paq’tnkek, a First Nation community in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, that employs just under 100 people. Paq’tnkek hired SheepDog Inc. to build an information technology strategy that would allow them to better service its 500 community residents.


Before the introduction of Google Apps, the Paq’tnkek Band office was operating with no centralized information technology system. Employees were using a myriad of email service providers and had little IT support for their low-capacity computer networks. The office became inundated with spam mail and frequent email outages, which left the Band administration unable to manage its day-to-day activities easily, effectively, and securely.


SheepDog Inc., using Google Apps, consolidated information technology services for Paq’tnkek. For the first time, all employees were on the same email and file sharing system. SheepDog Inc. provided all technical support during the transition to Google Apps, and using on-site training, readied Paq’tnkek staff to take over the management of its improved Google Apps network.


SheepDog Inc. and Google Apps have enabled Paq’tnkek to be more efficient and effective in delivering services to its members. With a reliable and secure email system and the ability to share and collaborate on files, the community is better equipped to operate its daycare, health centre, and other crucial social services.

“We now consider email an effective business tool. Before Google Apps and Sheepdog, we avoided e-mail because of concerns about security, reliability and spam,” says John Prosper, Band Manager. “Sheepdog provided us with exactly what we needed – Google Apps.”