Friday, March 27, 2009

TriCipher and Ferrilli Information Group

TriCipher, Inc. provides strong authentication and identity management technologies to protect web applications and enterprise portals, the people that use them, and the business processes that flow through them against fraud and identity theft. The myOneLogin service from TriCipher combines strong authentication, single sign-on and federation as an on-demand service.

Ferrilli Information Group (FIG) is a consulting services organization serving both private and public four-year universities and community colleges. FIG provides tailored IT services including hardware and software selection, project management of ERP/administrative software implementation, legacy migration, strategic planning, and IT leadership management.


After doubling in size for two years, Ferrilli Information Group was outgrowing its internal software infrastructure. Founder and CEO Robert Ferrilli decided to move to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications to run the company’s business and support the employees working with college and university clients around the US. The business selected a dozen online applications to replace internal systems, including Google Apps for collaboration and email.

Moving to SaaS brought unexpected complexity. Employees had 12 different accounts and passwords to manage. They called in frequently for help accessing resources. Says Ferrilli, “New employees were confused, and we had a hard time getting staff to use new applications because they were difficult to access. Instead of managing internal servers, we were fielding calls for application access.”


While exploring single sign-on solutions for Google Apps and Salesforce, Ferrilli found myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-On from TriCipher. myOneLogin creates a single web application portal, combining strong authentication and single-sign on for web applications.

FIG uses myOneLogin as a single portal for accessing its SaaS applications, including Google Apps, Salesforce, timesheet software, payroll services, and other applications. The administrator creates the accounts and sets the passwords, so individuals do not even need to know the accounts and passwords for the various business applications they use.


myOneLogin gives FIG's employes a great way to communicate through a common desktop. New applications simply appear on employees’ virtual desktops, so utilization and adoption is no longer an issue. And by adding links to internal directories and project schedules to the myOneLogin desktop, the business can easily share strategic resources with its distributed employees.

Says Ferrilli, “Our users love it. I get unsolicited kudos for implementing myOneLogin."

Ferilli continues, "myOneLogin is not just about having single sign-on, it’s about providing a single portal with all of the key information and applications our users need. To the end users, it’s seamless. To me, it’s priceless.”