Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Persistent and Art Technology Group (ATG)

Persistent has been a Google Enterprise Partner since 2005. Persistent Enterprise Content Search-enabling suite of Connectors (ECSC) for Google Search Appliance enable enterprises to extend Google’s rich search functions to their enterprise content hosted in content management systems (CMS) such as Groupware, Enterprise Content Manager systems, portals, etc. The Connectors leverage the rich Google Search Appliance Feed API. You can now experience the search experience within your enterprise across the content residing natively inside 3rd party content management systems in a secure and scalable manner.

Art Technology Group (ATG) is an e-commerce solution provider for some of the world’s top brands.


ATG used Documentum eRoom for its internal collaborative projects. There was a need for an efficient search over such collaborative content residing in eRoom. In addition to eRoom there are a dozen internal data sources to be searched.


Google Search Appliance (GSA) can natively search across file shares, HTML websites and databases. For crawling proprietary content repositories like eRoom GSA leverages Persistent’s eRoom connector. The connector crawls multiple eRoom facilities and folders, documents, databases, events and other content inside facilities and feeds into GSA; thus making it available for search. The solution is secure, and runs remote to the eRoom server without exerting any additional load on the server.


eRoom content constituted of more than 20% of their entire content from a dozen different data sources. The eRoom Connector was successfully evaluated in three weeks. Multiple instances of the eRoom Connector covering different sets of eRoom facilities maximize the feed rate to GSA. After successful deployment, ATG has completely replaced eRoom’s internal search with the Connector based GSA search. ATG has also created a custom front-end interface for GSA that is used as a portal for employees to be able to both search and access all of their internal applications with the click of a button.

Using the GSA and the connectors has really helped streamline their internal data sources into a single search box for the employees to use. This solution serves the entire company of 500 employees. Typical search traffic for GSA is over 100 searches per day (12 hrs).