Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Persistent and Sophos

Persistent has been a Google Enterprise Partner since 2005. Persistent Enterprise Content Search-enabling suite of Connectors (ECSC) for Google Search Appliance enable enterprises to extend Google’s rich search functions to their enterprise content hosted in content management systems (CMS) such as Groupware, Enterprise Content Manager systems, portals, etc. The Connectors leverage the rich Google Search Appliance Feed API. You can now experience the search experience within your enterprise across the content residing natively inside 3rd party content management systems in a secure and scalable manner.

Sophos is an anti-virus and anti-spam software company based out of Canada.


Most of Sophos' intranet content is hosted on Lotus Notes and Domino servers. There was a strong need for an enterprise search solution which provides relevant and fast search results across their Lotus databases, file shares and relational databases as well. Honoring the enterprise security was of primary importance. The content was hosted within web and non-web enabled Notes databases.


Persistent’s Lotus Notes/Domino connector to Google Search Appliance was a perfect match for Sophos’ search requirements. The connector can be remotely configured to crawl Domino databases and makes them available for secured search. It brings relevant content from Notes and Domino to user desktops through Google’s standard search interface.

This solution no longer requires Domino full text indexing to be running and thus significantly reduces the load on Domino servers.


Google Search Appliance and the Lotus Notes/Domino connector were deployed fairly quickly and successfully evaluated within three weeks. The search results for Lotus documents were much more intuitive, fast, and relevant; and at the same time honoring document level security. Users could even search on metadata fields defined on Notes documents resulting in super-relevant search results.

I have only good things to say about the Google Search Appliance and Persistent’s Connector. We now have incredible results in contrast to the existing search we had within Notes and other repositories. And we can search across multiple databases…”said Melissa Ness, User Experience Specialist, Project Manager, Sophos.