Friday, October 24, 2008

TriCipher and Motion Media Solutions

TriCipher, Inc. provides strong authentication technologies on demand or on premise to protect web applications and enterprise portals, the people that use them and the business processes that flow through them against fraud and identity theft. The myOneLogin service from TriCipher combines strong authentication, single sign-on and federation as an on-demand service.

Motion Media Solutions is a new media video production agency supporting corporations and non-profit organizations, foundations and small businesses. The Dallas-based agency provides creative solutions to help clients effectively communicate for fundraising, training, promoting, archiving and distribution.


As a small but growing agency, Motion Media Solutions needs to focus its time and resources on working with its customers and developing creative content – not on application maintenance and management. As the company grew, founder and CEO Ross Mason made the strategic decision to move to SaaS applications to run the business. Says Mason, “We only want to own those applications that are core to our business, such as video editing software. For everything else, we want to use web applications wherever possible.”

Motion Media Solutions decided to use Google Apps for its documents, presentation software, and corporate email. The company already used Salesforce, and wanted to adopt other SaaS applications for project management, human resources, and other business operations. However, Mason worried about how all of the applications would work together. According to Mason, “We already had more than enough user names and logins to manage. I worried about the time lost managing passwords and making everything work together as we increased the use of SaaS.”


Motion Media Solutions uses myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-On to create a virtual online desktop of the web-based applications the business uses. myOneLogin combines strong authentication with single sign-on for web-based applications, including Google Apps and Salesforce. Delivered as a service, it supports Motion Media Solutions’ SaaS strategy.

Using the SaaS model together with myOneLogin gives Motion Media Solutions enormous flexibility and efficiency. According to Mason, “I can log in wherever I am, on any computer, and be productive. When my laptop died, it was a great relief to know that almost everything I have created or use was online and available to me while the laptop was being repaired.”


myOneLogin uses strong authentication to protect the login from phishing, man-in-the-middle attacks, and other forms of password theft and fraud. myOneLogin also improves overall security by giving the business better control over access to accounts. Using myOneLogin, Motion Media Solutions’ employees can log in just once to access all of their web-based applications. Says Mason, “Using myOneLogin definitely saves us time and allows me to be more efficient. We sometimes hire young people for short-term projects. We don’t have to worry about ‘locking them out’ of accounts when they leave, which gives me peace of mind and saves a lot of time.”