Monday, April 7, 2008

LTech and Red Dog Informatics

Company Overview

LTech Consulting has been solving problems for both large enterprises and startup companies since 2001. Our team of dedicated search, collaboration, and web engineers empower businesses with innovative technologies such as Google Apps and the Google Search Appliances.Red Dog Informatics is a global internet and information technology company and part of The Wyanoke Group. Red Dog specializes in medical education and publishing and has a variety of services including web design and maintenance, database development, and other IT solutions.


Red Dog Informatics was rolling out a new site for, published by SLACK Incorporated, a sister company in The Wyanoke Group. Red Dog required improved search functionality that would deliver relevant results, support metadata drilldown, and integrate with their site design.


LTech's QuickStart for Google Search Appliance allowed Red Dog to build out a successful search system. LTech customized the included parametric search capabilities in Version 5 of the Google Search Appliance to support a more sophisticated hierarchical drill-down. In addition, LTech consulted with Red Dog on best-practices for structuring their web content for crawling and outputting of results.

Results is now powered by the Google Search Appliance. Users enjoy sophisticated drill-down search functionality along with the simple power of relevant and speedy search. This solution is slated to be rolled out to more publication web sites in the future.
"I do have to say that we have been very pleased with how LTech has worked with us on this important project." -- Marc, Senior Network Advisor