Monday, April 7, 2008

Appirio and LDS Living

LDS Living produces print and online consumer magazines. They have a loyal subscriber base of over 500,000 across 3 different internet domains, plus another 70,000 users reading their magazines in print format.
Appirio is a Google Enterprise Professional and Consulting and AppExchange partner offering products and services to accelerate the adoption of on demand in the enterprise.

Business Challenge
Over the past 10 years, LDS Living has sought to bring new and existing readers to their sites and magazines by getting their name in front of as many potential customers as possible—one method was to work with an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to distribute email accounts with the domain. This provided additional advertising and traffic for the company.
But over time, LDS Living wanted to be able to provide that domain beyond the ISP’s customer base, and lower their costs of running this program. LDS Living needed a solution to offer their customers email accounts in a manner that was automated, low-cost, and open to everyone.

To accomplish these goals, LDS Living purchased Gmail and implementation services from Appirio. Appirio built out provisioning functionality so new users can sign up to get LDS Living email accounts automatically-- Appirio developed a online environment to allow a new user on the LDS Living site to sign up and immediately use their new email account. The entire project was done in 3 days remotely.

LDS Living is now off their old ISP email infrastructure and up on Gmail for all their users. They are also now able to accept new requests for email in an automated way, thereby reducing costs and increasing market awareness for the company. They are able to offer a superior email service (Gmail's spam filtering, for example) and offer their domain to every potential customer.

LDS Living is now positioned in the market to take full advantage of Gmail for all of its current and new users thanks to the great work by Appirio. The service provided by Appirio programmers and account executives was incredibly helpful and the project was completed sooner than anticipated.” Brad Shepherd, President, LDS Living