Monday, April 7, 2008

Appirio and Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago

Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago (TSTT) is a telecommunications company owned by the national government and Cable & Wireless. Appirio is a Google Enterprise Professional and Consulting and AppExchange partner offering products and services to accelerate the adoption of on demand in the enterprise.

Business Challenge
As part of their internet service offering, TSTT has long provided email service to their customers. However, the existing platform to provide that service was costly, and TSTT faced pressure from their customers to provide additional services and products.

TSTT purchased Google Apps Premier Edition along with implementation services from Appirio. Appirio provisioned 93,000 users with a custom-developed Python bulk provisioning tool modeled after Google’s own LDAP synch code. Appirio also added integration between Broadhop and Gmail to allow for provisioning of users directly from the TSTT Help Desk. Appirio migrated all the mailboxes from Courier IMAP to Gmail using Google’s IMAP migration features. The project took approximately two months to complete.

TSTT has now moved from their older, more expensive
email system to a much more popular Gmail system—offering customers a 1,600 fold increase in mail capacity. Their Help Desk agents can now instantly provision new Gmail users. TSTT is also planning to roll out Start Page, GTalk, Docs and Sheets as value-added applications to their end users in the coming months at no additional charge. The business impact? Higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, lower customer churn, and lower operational costs for TSTT.
"TSTT can now offer customers a superior email solution from a brand like Google, while also offering value-added services with the rest of the Google Apps suite. The services provided by the Appirio team were critical in our ability to bring these solutions to market. The technical expertise combined with an understanding of our project objectives was key." – Ronald Mohammed – VP of IT