Monday, April 7, 2008

Virus Woman and Desert Mountain


Virus Woman Virus Woman is a rapidly expanding startup based in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, offering cutting edge remote and onsite IT services. Desert Mountain is a fast-growing independent entertainment company delivering Latin American cinema in the U.S. for release in theaters, on home video and on television.

Virus Woman worked with Desert Mountain to implement Google Apps, resulting in increased productivity and reduced IT costs. Desert Mountain needed assistance to address 3 challenges:
  • Implement and deploy a technical communication solution while minimizing IT efforts and costs.
  • Provide access to emails, documents, and vital information anytime, anywhere.
  • Keep a fast-moving staff on the same scheduling page.
Desert Mountain Media contracted Virus Woman to help move them from a traditional in-house email solution to Google Apps. The process, which involved gathering user information and setting up accounts for each employee, was painless, fast and simple. After a brief training session, Desert Mountain Media staff were ready to get started. In fact, several users had already used Gmail on their own, so adapting to Google Apps was particularly easy for them.
“By working with Virus Woman, our move to Google Apps was literally overnight, and everything functioned properly right from the start,” recalls Office Manager Nouny Rogers. “We would definitely recommend Google Apps and Virus Woman to other businesses.”
Desert Mountain Media employees are productive and better equipped to perform their jobs, while also reducing IT burdens. “We are much more responsive and informed since moving to Google Apps, ” says Leslie Haas, President, Desert Mountain Media.
Since moving to Google Apps, Desert Mountain Media employees can remotely tap into emails, documents and calendars from any computer. When Haas or other team members are traveling, shared calendars make it easy to schedule meetings. Documents such as inventory reports, film synopses and artwork are stored on Google Docs and readily shared by everyone on staff. “Everything is accessible from anywhere, and it's all set up the same familiar way as it is in the office,” says Rogers. “Plus, we can get everything we need using our mobile phones, from Treo smart phones to BlackBerry devices.”
“When I tell my customers that they can have world-class email, document applications, and shared calendaring for free, the typical response is, “That’s amazing,’” says Chrisantos Hajibrahim of Virus Woman. “Google Apps is a fantastic product that makes customers really happy, and when customers are happy, you get more business.”