Monday, May 24, 2010

TriCipher and Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union

TriCipher, Inc. provides identity and access management technologies in the cloud. TriCipher's myOneLogin is the only identity services platform that gives each user a future-proof identity and never-compromised credentials federated to thousands of applications.

The Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union provides central leadership and support for nine different school districts within the state of Vermont. Teachers, staff, board members, parents, community members and administrators work together to utilize resources equitably and effectively, to foster high performance and success for all students.

The Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union (BRSU) in Vermont is embracing cloud computing. Students and staff alike use Google Apps for Education, and staff use other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for the educational market, including content management systems with wikis and blogs.

In his role as superintendent of the Bennington-Rutland Supervisory Union (BRSU), Daniel French has championed Google Apps and SaaS within the member school districts. According to French, "Once you start using Google Apps, it really opens the doors to using other software-as-a-service applications, which are a great fit for educational districts."

As the district increased its reliance on cloud-based applications, it needed to secure and simplify access to those applications for teachers and staff. Says French, "We worried about controlling access when storing sensitive student information in online applications. I wanted to add better access security through strong authentication."

French found TriCipher's myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-On on the Google Apps Marketplace. myOneLogin provides a single, secure login for all web-based applications, using federation to offer tight integration with Google Apps.

Using myOneLogin, BRSU can set up a single sign-on portal providing secure access to Google Apps and other applications, including Vana Workforce, Zoho, iObservation, MyLearningPlan, BrainHoney, and SchoolFusion.

Access to the portal is protected with TriCipher's patented split-key authentication, which deflects phishing and password attacks.

BRSU uses roles-based access controls within the myOneLogin service to create and deploy distinct sets of web applications for different roles within the school district teachers and staff.

After evaluating the 30-day free trial, BRSU deployed myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-On for staff throughout its school districts, as part of a broader roll-out of several new SaaS applications through the district.
Using myOneLogin delivers benefits on two fronts for the BRSU:
  • The union can easily deploy web applications to a distributed staff throughout several school districts by simply adding applications to defined roles in myOneLogin. The new applications then appear on the myOneLogin portal for users filling that role.
  • TriCipher's patented strong authentication alleviates concerns about password-only access to accounts containing sensitive student information.