Friday, April 2, 2010

Dhruvsoft deploys Google Apps for Bathla Aluminum

Dhruvsoft is a cloud computing solution provider with a commitment to get business results. Dhruvsoft has capability to work with a wide range of clients on cloud computing and Software as a Service (SaaS) deployments and support issues. Dhruvsoft is known for helping organizations to effectively integrate their existing information systems with cloud computing applications like Google Apps.

Dhruvsoft recently partnered with Bathla Aluminum Pvt Ltd (, a business leader engaged in design, manufacturing and distribution of home utility products like aluminum ladders, ironing tables and cloth dryers across India. Bathla aluminum hired Dhruvsoft to provide email, file sharing and communication solutions using Google Apps collaboration and communication tools.


Being a medium-sized company, Bathla Aluminum was not keen on large investment in its technology needs. However they wanted a business class, secure, reliable email and communication system among its employees. Their existing POP3 mail server infrastructure was unreliable, inadequate, and slow and had become inundated with spam mail and frequent email outages. This left Bathla Aluminum unable to manage its day to day activities in an easy, effective and secure manner.


Dhruvsoft supported Bathla Aluminum through the transition to Google Apps. Dhruvsoft customized Google Apps to meet Bathla Aluminum’s requirements, and provided training services to enable their users to get the most out of Google Apps. With Google Apps, Bathla Aluminum was able to consolidate all communication and collaboration services. Dhruvsoft provided all necessary technical support during the transition to Google Apps.


Since Bathla Aluminum moved to Google Apps, it is able to focus more on its business growth. Having a better-connected staff and a more reliable email system has greatly improved collaboration and communication at the company, and having access to email via mobile devices has significantly increased management productivity.

“Because of Google Apps, Bathla Aluminum today are better organized and more efficient. We are no longer worried about the technology issues we used to constantly face before implementing Google Apps. Our email is spam-free now, and we can more efficiently use email from multiple devices,” says Mr. Gaurav Bathla, Director at Bathla Aluminum.