Thursday, April 22, 2010

Brio Saves Amtech Dollars with Google Apps

Brio Technologies is a growing business solutions provider that enables customers to achieve "MORE with less". As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, Brio has 200 implementations to its credit and a reputation of being reliable, efficient, and an expert in migration to scalable and customizable solutions. Brio's SSO solution offers secure Single Sign-On that integrates seamlessly with Google Apps. Brio is also an authorized channel partner of SAP and specializes in the development of payroll and attendance management software.
Amtech Electrocircuits, centrally located in Michigan's High Tech corridor, is a small-sized electronics manufacturing service provider specializing in PCB manufacturing and innovation support. Amtech was investing too much time, money and effort into the management of its existing email system. Amtech wanted to transition to a secure, lean, cloud based messaging solution that would remove the need for client configuration, increase productivity and reduce costs.

The Challenge
Amtech's email system, working on Microsoft Exchange Server and Outlook clients, was getting difficult to configure and organize; leading to high IT management and support costs. Amtech wanted to transition from its existing email system to a centrally managed solution quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. The implementation was to be completed with a near to zero error rate without disrupting a single day's work.

The Solution
Brio showed Amtech how Google Apps' capabilities could exceed its expectations. With Google Apps, Amtech personnel could focus on core business goals rather than IT administration. IT and support costs could be slashed and dollars diverted towards business growth. Moreover, powerful APIs would enable easy customizations down the road, making the solution the best fit for future needs too.
Brio, with the email migration feature of Google Apps Premier Edition was able to migrate all of Amtech's mailboxes from the IMAP enabled Microsoft Exchange Server to respective Google Apps mailboxes over a weekend. Brio also implemented its cost-effective SSO solution that allowed users to access Google Apps without a password; similar to Amtech's previous implementation in their Microsoft Exchange Server and Windows 2003 environment.
Training was minimal as Amtech personnel found the Google Apps interface easy to use. The few issues that rose were addressed immediately and queries answered to the satisfaction of each employee. Personnel were comfortable with Google Apps from day one.

The Result
"Great service, great expertise, great implementation. Brio handled our migration from Exchange to Google Apps and implemented SSO. SSO has allowed us to eliminate a layer of administration and allows our users to easily log in and out into the application."
- Jay R. Patel, President at Amtech Electrocircuits

The inclusion of SSO led to high adoption rates as the operability was the same as when Amtech employees accessed Outlook clients. Productivity increased as personnel could collaborate better and save time with Google Docs, voice and video chats; access email from anywhere, any time; and organize events on the calendar. Cost savings too were substantial as infrastructure costs related to server management, network administration, and hardware and software upgrades were drastically reduced.