Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TriCipher and Spence-Chapin Services

TriCipher, Inc. provides strong authentication technologies on demand or on premise to protect web applications and enterprise portals, the people that use them and the business processes that flow through them against fraud and identity theft. The myOneLogin service from TriCipher combines strong authentication, single sign-on and federation as an on-demand service.

Spence-Chapin is an accredited, nonprofit agency offering adoption services, whose origins go back to 1908. Since that time, the agency has placed over 18,000 children with families. Based in New York City, Spence-Chapin has branch offices in Long Island and New Jersey, as well as a thrift shop in Manhattan.


Like many businesses, Spence-Chapin used a blend of in-house applications and web-based applications, including Google Apps and Salesforce. As the agency expanded its commitment to web applications, it took a careful look at how it managed access to those web-based applications.  Says Jamie Mumin, Manager of Information Technology for Spence-Chapin, “We were worried about protecting access to our client and fundraising information. We wanted to add strong authentication to reduce concerns about moving data to the web.”

Spence-Chapin tried using an SSL VPN using tokens for strong authentication.  But the token strategy was difficult to implement in this environment.  According to Mumin, “We quickly realized that distributing the tokens and training people to use them was not going to work for us. So we started looking for alternatives that would support Salesforce and Google Apps."


Spence-Chapin now uses myOneLogin to give its diverse user community strong authentication to Google Apps, Salesforce, and its other web-based applications.  myOneLogin delivers multi-factor authentication without the cost and complexity of tokens.

Spence-Chapin’s users range from program coordinators who visit overseas countries to the social workers working with families locally. All are focused on the children, not the technology.  Spence-Chapin deployed the myOneLogin solution to its entire user community in a day. According to Mumin, “The fact that it is web-based is a tremendous help – people are familiar with the web, and they find myOneLogin easy to use.”


Spence-Chapin’s users now connect to their web-based applications using myOneLogin. This helps the agency protect the access to applications with strong authentication.  The users find it easy and reliable, and have been adding applications to their myOneLogin portal.

Says Mumin, “myOneLogin has saved us thousands of dollars that we don’t have to spend deploying tokens. It’s easy to use and it works 100% of the time. If we were using another strong authentication method, we would be handling more technical support calls.”