Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Mavenlink and Moxie Marketing

Learn how Moxie Marketing turned itself into a virtual agency, managing all work, communications, and business transactions through a web-based project management system.

Moxie Marketing, located in Austin, TX, helps small businesses and service professionals realize their business dreams with simple, affordable, and effective marketing consulting and creative services. Placing an emphasis on strategy before tactics, they are powered by the Duct Tape Marketing System™, the world’s most practical small business marketing system. A certified Duct Tape Marketing consultant works one-on-one and in groups with small business owners to develop a systematic approach to marketing their business. Moxie Marketing equips them with tools, tactics and creative materials, including branding and advertising.

Mavenlink is the online workplace for today’s work force. Its Software as a Service platform is the single destination where organizations and service providers can collaborate seamlessly, conduct business productively, and build trusted networks. With integrations to Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts, Google Apps users are able to leverage the benefits of this project management suite and extend their Google environment to meet more of their business needs.

Moxie Marketing employs two full-time employees, but manages a trusted network of marketing professionals, including graphic designers, copywriters, SEO and SEM professionals. Although this model allows the agency to reduce overhead and pass the savings on to clients, it creates logical hazards. They tested multiple project collaboration tools, but found the solutions too complicated and cumbersome. In addition, they were using multiple products to manage time tracking, expense tracking, and invoicing. As a Google Apps user, they also wanted to make sure whatever tool they used easily integrated with Google Apps, allowing for ease of use and a single sign-on.

With Mavenlink, Moxie Marketing has turned itself into a virtual agency, building lasting customer relationships and establishing a network of providers that can be trusted to deliver great work. Moxie Marketing manages all work, communications, and business transactions through Mavenlink.

  • They invite clients and trusted subcontractors into Mavenlink project workspaces. With Google Apps integration, there was no need for contact uploads as everything was seamless.
  • They are able to track time and expenses for each project easily within the Mavenlink platform. All project due dates are automatically uploaded into the Google Calendar, reducing the need for multiple steps.
  • Invoicing now is simple. With one click, they can issue a professional dynamic invoice and tie the costs to project work, including line item breakdowns.

Since switching to Mavenlink, Moxie Marketing has increased efficiency and productivity in a powerful system that integrates seamlessly into its Google Apps environment. Rather than tracking through or losing email strings, all activity’s captured in one space. Clients have become more accountable and responsive to action items, and satisfaction has continued to rise. One of their clients recently commented, “When I first got what appeared to be an invitation to yet another ‘collaboration tool’, I wanted no part of it. Now that I’m in this system, I really like it.”

“Mavenlink has become an essential part of how we run our business."
- Rick L'Amie, President of Moxie Marketing