Saturday, January 15, 2011

Invoicera and MarkupBox

Learn how MarkupBox addressed the invoicing challenges of an international client base by switching to Invoicera and streamlining their financing.

MarkupBox is a San Francisco, California specialized PSD to HTML conversion firm which provides front-end solutions to various website developers. The procedure which they follow is to first receive the documents in any format and then converting them into cross browser compatible, pixel perfect and W3C validated codes.

MarkupBox was started with a sole objective to provide distinguished coding services to its clients. The idea was to make their coding so effective that their clients’ websites should be supported by all browsers on the internet and can perform at a greater speed.

Invoicera is online billing software designed specifically to make online invoicing a straightforward process. With the focus on the user, Invoicera has successfully managed itself as a value-oriented invoicing service provider. Invoicera provides quick and easy invoicing applications to those entrepreneurs who run their business through Google Apps.

MarkupBox deals with clients that are based around the globe and has the challenge of invoicing them in their respective language and currencies. With a growing amount of delays in payments due to these challenges, MarkupBox needed a new payment gateway to streamline invoicing. They also experienced scaling issues due to their staggering growth rate and sought automatic invoicing technologies. Due to the increasing number of clients, payments started getting deferred and MarkupBox had no way to track them or charge those clients with a late fees. They soon realized that this consumed too much time and decided to shift to other online billing services. The search was on for an invoicing system that would minimizee manual workloads.

To deal with the challenges of immense growth, MarkupBox turned to Invoicera, with the most fundamental advantage of its integrations with Google Apps. These integrations made Invoicera accessible through Google’s universal navigation bar without requiring a separate login. Invoicera enabled MarkupBox to track its invoices and allow certain ones to recur automatically. Invoicera also provided 16 of the industry’s leading payment gateways, which helped to bill clients in a reliable way. The support of 11 languages was also critical for the global base of clients.
The faster invoicing enabled by invoicer allowed MarkupBox to get paid quicker and shift focus to upcoming challenges to the business. With Invoicera’s integration with Basecamp project management software, MarkupBox was also able to import and track projects to evaluate timeliness

MarkupBox is now a valuable customer for Invoicera. MarkupBox said of Invoicera, “We have never seen such splendid invoicing by anyone till now; Invoicera has not only served our billing needs but also provided us with the most efficient techniques to save our time and money as well.” The combination of Invoicera with Google Apps further helped MarkupBox’s employees take full advantage of its features.