Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Qameha and Kwaga Context for Google Apps

Learn how recruiting solutions provider Qameha uses Kwaga Context for Google Apps to automatically stay on top of important questions and action items from clients right from within Gmail.

Qameha is a smart new way to manage human capital inside any organization. Qameha is a SaaS/Cloud solution that provides everything needed to recruit new candidates, manage internal evaluations, and promote employees based on coupling an employee’s motivations with organizational challenges. Qameha was founded in September 2009 and they’re helping hundreds of recruiters manage thousands of recruits each year across Europe.

Kwaga is a leader in semantic analysis for email with hundreds of companies making email smarter for their employees. Kwaga Context for Google Apps allows users to continue working in their normal Gmail environment with additional insight into all previous conversations and the advantage of smart reminders. Kwaga was founded in December 2008 and is a privately held company based in Paris and backed by SeedCamp and Kima Ventures.

Over the past year, Qameha’s head of business development and co-founder Cedric Hauguel has
been looking for a bridge between his CRM and his organizational Gmail via
Google Apps.

Hauguel often uses social networks like Viadeo to identify prospects and determine if they’ve any friends in common, before initiating the first email contact from within He then receives email replies from prospects inside Gmail and continues conversations from within Gmail. After weeks of exchanges with a prospect there might be hundreds of separate emails requiring different types of actions. It’s a significant challenge remembering both what’s been discussed previously and if there’re any questions that remain open and unanswered.

Qameha chose Kwaga to bridge the gap between Google Apps as their “getting things done”
productivity tool and Hauguel enabled Kwaga in seconds from the Google Apps
Marketplace and sees the full conversation history with any one of many sales prospects or existing clients. Kwaga helps Hauguel and his team ensure that important questions from prospects are never forgotten.

The solution works in three steps:

1. Once a Google Apps Domain Manager enables Kwaga Context and individual users inside
the domain have “signed-in,” Kwaga machines analyze the content of incoming email texts
to detect which ones contain requests for actions,
2. Let’s say “Jenny” logs then into her Gmail and opens a new email from “Bob” she will see a
list of all the conversations they’ve had in the past at the bottom of the email, as well as an
indication of any important conversations that have been forgotten by either “Jenny” or by
3. When “Jenny” replies to any forgotten important email the service automatically detects this
and no longer displays the thread as requiring her attention.

Using Kwaga Context has enabled Qameha to view of all of the conversations they’re having with prospects and determine quickly which ones require immediate attention - all inside Gmail.

“Kwaga’s detection is powerful and it’s comforting that we’ll know if we’ve missed any important points before we meet with our clients,” says Cedric Hauguel, co-founder & in-charge of Business Development at Qameha.