Thursday, August 27, 2009

OffiSync and Correlsense

Correlsense is the leader in IT Reliability software. The Company has developed the first IT Reliability platform, SharePath, enabling enterprises to automatically generate a central, real-time repository of detailed, contextual knowledge regarding their applications and infrastructure. Using patent-pending technology for tracking and correlating all transactions throughout the datacenter, SharePath is essential in achieving a Reliable IT environment. SharePath’s Reliability Management Database (RMDB) is a key enabler for strategic IT initiatives including Application Performance Management, Capacity Planning, Change Management, Charge backs, Security, and Auditing. Using SharePath, latencies and bottlenecks are quickly located and resolved, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

OffiSync marries the traditional "Microsoft Desktop" with Google's cloud to improve the way information workers 1) store, organize and retrieve their work, 2) use web content in documents and presentations, and 3) collaborate with others in real time, all in a streamlined and simplified way. OfficSync's customers are those looking to use Google Apps as their communication and collaboration platform yet are not willing to give up Office on the desktop.

As an innovative, agile startup, Correlsense was looking for a way to easily share information with partners and employees. Correlsense wanted to improve the way employees manage their information and collaborate to achieve better productivity across the board, and found Google Apps and Google Docs to be the best platform for their needs:
  • Delivered in SaaS with no need to maintain servers
  • Ability to access content from any computer through a web browser
  • Powerful collaborative capabilities
In order to get the collaborative advantages of Google Apps, users need to start using Google Docs as their productivity suite. Unfortunately, many of Correlsense users were not ready to give up their Microsoft Office on the desktop and standardize on Google Docs, making the adoption of Google Apps in the organization a challenge.

Correlsense found OffiSync on the Google Solutions Marketplace. OffiSync is a Microsoft Office add-on that adds a new toolbar to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint (2003, 2007 and 2010) enabling users to save and organize their documents on Google Apps, access their content from any computer, collaborate with others and use Google Search to find documents and web content in seconds.

By using OffiSync, Correlsense has enabled their users to keep using Microsoft Office on their desktops while benefiting from the Google Apps platform to store, organize and access documents. This has streamlined collaboration between Correlsense employees and customers and enabled a mixed environment where some employees use Google Docs as their primary productivity suite while others use Microsoft Office.

"OffiSync has 'supercharged' Microsoft Office with some powerful Google cloud computing capabilities," notes Nir Livni, Director of Product Management at Correlsense. "Our users have new ways to manage their content, access it from any computer, collaborate and more without giving up their applications of choice."

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