Wednesday, April 8, 2009

PivotLink and DMA

PivotLink is a leading provider of business intelligence solutions delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). PivotLink Reporting and Business Analysis makes it easy for users to access their business information where they need it and to collaborate within their company and with external partners.

DMA is a national food service distribution system whose shareholders are prominent regional food service distributors. Their shareholders joined forces to provide food service operators with the pricing, distribution and technological advantages of a national organization, and the service priority of a local business.


DMA's wanted to increase the visibility of supply chain information for their customers. DMA's customers also wanted to interact with this information alongside other data that impacts their performance like gasoline prices. DMA turned to PivotLink to address these challenges.


DMA chose PivotLink as its business intelligence solution to provide users with shared information, reports, and performance goals within a highly secure and collaborative environment. With PivotLink delivered as a cloud-based solution, DMA receives all the benefits of enterprise analysis without a hardware environment to maintain, software to install, or upgrades to manage.

DMA worked with PivotLink to develop a gadget that would make their business data available within Google Apps and iGoogle, allowing users to access PivotLink data and analytics alongside news, market trends, and other gadgets. The PivotLink Gadget allowed DMA to extend the value of PivotLink without requiring additional IT resources to setup or maintain it.


DMA is realizing more benefits than anticipated. Information on sales, budget, performance, and costs are readily available and can be used to monitor and proactively adjust conditions that lead increased costs like extra deliveries and will-call pickups.

“The senior management team at DMA is a fan of Google Apps. We use it every day to gain information on what is happening locally, in our region and in our industry,” said Jim Szatkowski, vice president of Data Services at DMA. “With the PivotLink Gadget, we’re increasing information visibility by combining a complete view of our business through PivotLink with all our vital business information. We have all the information where we need it to stay at the top of our industry. It requires a very collaborative focus, but the benefits are huge without requiring an extraordinary amount of effort.”