Monday, September 8, 2008

TriCipher and Maker SA

TriCipher, Inc. provides strong authentication technologies on demand or on premise to protect web applications and enterprise portals, the people that use them and the business processes that flow through them against fraud and identity theft. The myOneLogin service from TriCipher combines strong authentication, single sign-on and federation as an on-demand service.

Maker SA is the second largest digital printing business in Paraguay, specializing in low-volume, fast turnaround printing jobs. The company offers a range of printing services to businesses and individuals, from digital color printing and photocopying to wedding invitations.


Maker needs to communicate reliably and securely between its branches to handle the growing number of email-submitted print jobs it receives, and to manage its distributed business. After a disappointing experience with a hosted service provider, Maker decided to move to Google Apps for email (Gmail) and other business applications (Google Docs, Google Calendar and Google Sites).

In addition to the power and convenience of Google's web-based applications, TriCipher's myOneLogin solution provides an extra level of security through a second layer of authentication. This met Maker SA's need for added protection against account password theft or sharing.


Maker learned of the myOneLogin solution on the Google Marketplace. myOneLogin Secure Single Sign-On combines single login across web applications with strong authentication. myOneLogin is an in-the-cloud service from TriCipher, experts in strong authentication based in Silicon Valley. The myOneLogin service is hosted in secure, redundant data centers. When users connect to myOneLogin using an account and password, an additional authentication credential is exchanged in the background. Once authenticated, myOnelogin connects the user transparently to their web applications.

This strong authentication in place protects Maker’s accounts from password theft or sharing. Even if someone were to gain access to the myOneLogin account and password, they cannot connect to the Google accounts without the additional credential.


Maker now uses myOneLogin to connect to its Google applications, combining the convenience of anytime, anywhere access with the peace of mind that strong authentication provides. Using myOneLogin is as easy as entering an account and password; additional credentials are exchanged online, behind the scenes. myOneLogin is tightly integrated with Google using federation standards, so authentication is seamless and secure.

“The Internet channel is the future of our business, and we are increasing our use of online software like Google Apps,” says Gimenez. “I feel safer now knowing that we have protected those accounts with myOneLogin.”