Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fig Leaf Software and Campbell Soup Company

Fig Leaf Software is a full service Google Enterprise Partner ( specializing in Google Search Appliance implementation and Google Search Appliance training ( for corporations, government agencies, associations, nonprofits and educational institutions. Campbell Soup Company is one of the world’s most recognized brands with over 136 years of company history and products sold in 120 countries around the globe with approximately 23,000 full-time employees.

Customer Challenge
Campbell’s needed a way to enable its workforce of 23,000 employees to search their corporate intranet for information. Part of Campbell’s top five corporate strategies is to increase margins by improving company-wide productivity. Corporate intranets impact company-wide productivity by serving as a key communication method for the company and its employees.

Campbell’s existing search solution for their corporate intranet was not working. Queries by its employees would return data that was not relevant to the search criteria, causing inefficiencies and loss of time. This had a negative impact on productivity. Campbell’s had data in an IBM WebSphere portal that needed to be indexed. Campbell’s existing search solution was not working. Campbell Soup Company selected Fig Leaf Software ( ), a certified Google Enterprise Professional Partner and certified Google Search Appliance Training Partner, to help implement a new search solution.

In just three weeks time, Fig Leaf implemented and configured Campbell’s two GB 8008 models, one for main use and one for backup in two different locations. Best suited for centralized deployments that support multiple business units, the GB-8008 can search 30 million documents out of the box. Fig Leaf helped solve Campbell’s challenges by providing a customization utilizing Google Feeds (XML feed technology) to integrate effectively with the IBM WebSphere portal and resolve security issues.

Fig Leaf and the Google Search Appliance helped to solve Campbell’s business problem and support its corporate strategic initiative to improve company-wide productivity.

Fig Leaf’s expert implementation and customization of the Google Search Appliance for Campbell’s immediately improved search on the intranet for its thousands of employees. Fig Leaf helped install and customize a solution to fit Campbell’s unique business needs. As a result, Campbell’s has search capabilities for their corporate intranet that provides a foundation for increased productivity and effective information dissemination throughout the company. Now Campbell’s employees can find information on the corporate intranet both quickly and easily with relevant search results. Employees can be more efficient in their search and more productive with their time. Moreover, the implemented solution is nearly free of maintenance, making it a cost-effective addition to the existing IT infrastructure.