Monday, April 7, 2008

LTech and WildBlue Communications

Company Overview

LTech Consulting has been solving problems for both large enterprises and startup companies since 2001. Our team of dedicated search, collaboration, and web engineers empower businesses with innovative technologies such as Google Apps and the Google Search Appliance.
WildBlue Communications is a satellite Internet Service Provider with more than 250,000 customers. Started in 2005 and based in Colorado, WildBlue offers satellite broadband Internet services to homes and businesses across the United States.

After a detailed analysis of available email options including single-sign on and provisioning, WildBlue decided to move their entire customer base from their current provider to Google Apps Partner Edition. This would allow them to see significant cost savings and provide their users with the power of Google Apps.
WildBlue knew from the onset that they would need an experienced partner to set up the Google Apps configuration, handle provisioning and single sign on, as well as the critical migration of e-mails and contacts for all of their customers.

LTech remotely completed this Google Apps custom set up, including Google Gadget creation, and many other custom "bells and whistles" to make Google Apps fit all of WildBlue's custom needs. LTech's SyncSuite Hosted Edition was chosen for the project. Project highlights include:
  • Design and implementation of a High-Availability Customer Directory to support operations, Customer Care, Client Account Management and Google Apps Authentication.Full support for separation and aggregation of core business and wholesale customers - including "skin-able" interfaces and logical customer account management.
  • Design and creation of a browser based Customer Management portal allowing customers to provision their own accounts, update and view account information.Design and creation of a browser based Customer Care portal providing core business and wholesale care agents with a robust account management interface.Creation of an XML interface to allow peripheral resources to provision and update core business and wholesale accounts as well as synchronize Google Apps account information.Design, implementation and maintenance of a HA Load Balanced Managed Hosting Platform for both Production and DR Environments.

  • WildBlue saves more than $250,000 each month with the new solution. The solution is 100% managed by LTech in its datacenter, allowing WildBlue to focus on their core business and improving customer experience.
  • Working together through the transition period of moving 300,000 people from one email system to another, LTech has built a lasting relationship with WildBlue.
Members of the WildBlue IT staff had this to say about one of our project leaders:
"We thought that this would be a good time to let you know how much we enjoy working with you and appreciate you...You are a true professional and it's a pleasure to work with someone of your caliber. We have both been in QA for several years and we really appreciate working with a developer / PM that responds to issues so quickly and communicates with QA Engineers so well...You are doing such a great job"